How to create a new organisation

1.Visit the organisation register page to set up a new account. User will then provide some basic information that includes:

a. Organisation name

b. Email address

c. Password

d. Password confirmation

2. Registration submission will be reviewed by Food Safe and if approved the account will then be activated and organisation admin will receive an email with further instructions.

3. After account activation is successful organisation admin can access their organisations Dashboard by signing in using the account details provided during registration.

4. Once organisation admin has access to their Dashboard they should begin by adding new outlets & kitchens. This can be achieved by selecting Organisation/Outlet/Kitchen from the side menu.

Organisation admin is then free to explore their Dashboard.

Important: When adding new users to an organisation always remember to assign the

correct roles:

a. Staff Role: For all staff member who need access to the iOS application. (App access only)

b. Organisation Role: Only for users that require access to the Dashboard (Dashboard access only)