Food Safe System
31 01, 2019

Is the App customisable to me and my companies’ needs?

2019-01-31T13:36:19+00:00January 31st, 2019||

Yes. Some areas of the App such as the Cleaning Schedules, Supplier lists, Cooling Units are completely customisable to your business, but the main forms themselves are not. We have aimed to make each form as comprehensive as possible to cover the majority of places, and each form is based on approved government standards. We are open to designing bespoke packages for companies, contact [email protected] to discuss.

16 06, 2017

How do I know if my Local Authority is using the Hygiene Rating Scheme?

2017-06-16T18:20:05+00:00June 16th, 2017||

Local Authorities can choose to use The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme if they wish or they can adopt a more local system that they manage themselves. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is recognised as 'National Scheme' run in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland run a similar scheme. The simplest way to find out if your Local Authority is running the Food Hygiene Rating Scheeme is to ask them directly or alternatively they all have their own websites where guidance can be found You [...]

16 06, 2017

Can a business operate legally without a food safety system?

2020-01-19T13:20:32+00:00June 16th, 2017||

No, it is illegal to not have a food safety system. Since 2006 it has been a requirement of UK and EU law that every food business has a pre-determined food safety system based on the principles of HACCP. If you do not have a food safety system you may be prosecuted, served an improvement order, fined and even shut down.