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My name is Arthur, and I am a health and safety specialist trainer from Phenix safety.

The goal of our company is to improve or introduce training required by law to run a kitchen in accordance with applicable standards.

HACCP, Food Hygiene, Allergies, Risk assessment, all of these are required by the Food Safety Act 1990.

Our main advantage is the accumulation of all necessary trainings in one place, everything you need to be able to safely pass EHO inspections and avoid possible penalties that may expose your business to losses.
Many businesses are simply not aware of the seriousness that the lack of proper training of their own employees presents.

  • Financial penalties,
  • business closures,
  • lawsuits,
  • impact on reputation,
  • financial loss,
  • loss of customers,

these are all factors that can lead to bankruptcy.
When public health and safety is put at risk, so is a business.

If the standards required by law are not met and there are no practices in place, businesses, and those in senior management positions such as head chef or owner are left open to the possibility of large fines and depending on the individual circumstances, even imprisonment.

Artur Phenix Safety

HACCP on your phone!

Phenix safety is in partnership with the Food Safe System, a mobile application which, thanks to modern technology, allows you to conduct and safely store HACCP documentation

Chef Consultancy!

In addition to all the necessary training and a great application to conduct HACCP procedures, Phenix Safety also offers consulting assistance. Thanks to many years of experience in running a successful kitchen, we are able to help in such matters as cost reduction, work organization, food cost and menu creation to name a few of the benefits of working alongside our business.

All under one umbrella!

The perfect end to end solution is here, you will find everything you need to improve work standards, practices and finances in one place! Isn’t that the perfect solution for busy owners and Head chefs?
Regardless of whether you are opening a new business or want to improve the existing one, you will find everything you need with us! At a time when there is such a huge deficit of chefs on the market, Phenix Safety may be the solution to many of your problems.

Phenix safety’s services, our intent within the industry and also how we can help you better your business. If you have any questions or are looking for a consultation and would like to find out more about us and what we can offer you, please give us a call.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email, have a great day and we look forward to hopefully hearing from you.
Stay safe, stay compliant.
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