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Fancy an out of hours visit to the Belfast Apple store, exclusively for the Hospitality Industry?

Belfast and Newry based Company, Food Safe System are launching their digital HACCP App at an exclusive event at Victoria Square’s Apple Store in Belfast City Centre on Monday, 8th October.

Food Safe System was set up and created by local, award winning chef and restauranteur, Neil Bradley, who developed the platform when he became frustrated with the current paper based solutions and the lack of usable, affordable alternatives.

“I started in kitchens when I was 16 and have been lucky to work with some great chefs, Paul Rankin, Andy Rea & Aiden Byrne. I loved the catering industry, still do, but I noticed, outside of new cooking techniques, we have been slow to adopt technology, and with the increased pressures within the hospitality industry, not least though staffing issues, the industry is in need of innovative solutions.

We are not talking about replacing chefs, no technology can replace a chefs sense of taste, smell, touch or creativity, rather introducing solutions that can help remove or simplify some of the other tasks than take them away from cooking”

Moving to digital records also holds many advantages for owner operators and managers, by providing a quick overview of one or multiple sites from one location, and by giving extra assurance that if issues do arise they are in the best place possible to deal with them.

During the event Apple’s own business experts will be on hand to show how Apple products and solutions are ideally suited for the hospitality industry.

Refreshments provided.



Last Updated on 10 September 2018 by FoodSafeSystem