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Welcome to Food Safe System! Our app is designed to help you effortlessly monitor and record the temperatures of your food storage. With our best-in-class temperature sensors and fully food-safe certified technology, you can ensure the safety and quality of your food at all times. Get real-time alerts via email and SMS to protect against food loss. Our app is easy to use, with a user-friendly dashboard view and automatic monitoring and recording of cooler temperatures. Sign up today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a fully optimized and efficient food storage system.

Frequently Asked Q’s

Where can I download the Food Safe System App

Can I use Food Safe System with no internet?

Yes, you can, any information added to Food Safe System will be held within the app until access to the internet is regained, and then the system will automatically sync with our cloud servers.

What is the lead-in time once we place the order?

Depending on stock levels of sensors & gateways, on order we take 1 day to ensure each sensor is set up and calibrated correctly and then dispatch by first class post, From order to receipt is 3 working days. 

We currently have sufficient stock.

How do you monitor food temp temperatures? Food simulated temperature or just air temperature being provided?

Our wireless temperature sensors can measure air, food or both simultaneously.

If food simulated temperatures, how are they achieving this i.e. software algorithm, etc, and do you have any proof of testing?

Food simulated temperatures are generally measured by the client as they see acceptable, the majority of our clients utilising this method are using either a cup of water or a set jelly.

We have completed some research into this and have created a simulated chicken breast gel, of which we are happy to share the specifications with you.

How do you propose to lockout alarms due to defrosting cycles or items being switched off?

You can toggle alerts on & off in-app when a unit is switched off.

In regards to defrost cycles we generally set alert triggers at 2˙ outside of the accepted threshold, this allows for defrost cycles and general use cases where a cooling unit may be opened and closed frequently during busy periods. 

Can the system detect if there is a local power loss to a cold room and notify or is it just when the temperature starts to rise?

Our monitoring system uses a gateway unit to collect the sensors readings, this unit is connected to your internet network via a router, network point or wifi. In the case of a power cut, an alert will be triggered to say that the unit has not sent any readings, indicating a possible power outage.

Can the system detect if a servery display or multideck is switched off automatically?

No, the alert triggers will need to toggle on and off within the Food Safe System Apps.

Can the system extra defrost and compressor monitoring to deliver energy savings?

No, but this is something we are working on as part of a wider connected kitchen project.

Can the system monitor dishwashers if we choose to add them in the future?

While this is not a current feature it is one we can add as we have the technology and sensors to complete, however, it has not been high on our customer request list so has not been prioritised for development. We can look at that again.

Is there any support you with engineers or working through 3rd party contractors?

Food Safe System was designed as a plug & play product requiring minimal technical involvement from our customers, however, we do offer a full installation service. Most other issues can be dealt with remotely.

It is normal to undertake a yearly calibration on a system to prove the accuracy and integrity of temperatures. How much more to undertake an on-site in-situ calibration of the sensors?

We offer an annual post back calibration service where we will send you new, calibrated sensors each year to replace your existing and your existing sensors sent back to us.

What is the cost?

Food Label System is £35 per month (+VAT if purchased in the UK) & include your first 10 rolls of labels,(2000+ labels).

For annual up front payments we offer 2 months free, £350 instead of £420 per year.

How do I sign up?

 Click HERE to sign up.

Are my payment details safe?

We used trusted intermediaries (GoCardless for Direct Debits & Stripe for card payments) to process payment details, so we never have direct access to your payment details.

More information on GoCardless & Stripe can be found by clicking on their names.

What happens if we miss or stop paying our subscription costs?

We certainly hope this doesn’t become an issue but in the event of missed or stopped subscription payments the device will be rendered inoperable until payments resume.

We will usually contact you in the case of the first missed payment in case it is simply down to an expired card or change of bank.

In the event of missed or stopped payments you will continue to be invoiced and liable for monthly/annual fees until payments resume or the device is returned.

If the system is using Wi-fi that can be unreliable and causes communication issues. Do you have a solution to this scenario?

Our sensors do not require wifi to operate, we utilise a low energy bandwidth which can achieve a 1km back to gateway range indoors, up to 15km line of sight.

The Food Safe gateway can be used via wifi to connect to the internet, we do however recommend a wired connection to avoid connection issues.