Food Safe Sensor


Food Safe Sensor

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The Food Safe Sensor works with the Food Safe System to wirelessly collect temperature data.

Wireless temperature sensor with internal memory for off-line logging, Requires the Food Safe Hub.
No more manual checks of fridge and freezer temperatures
Monitor and record your fridge and freezer temperatures to the Food Safe System App automatically with the easy to fit Food Safe Sensors.
No more lost stock or prep:
Configurable alerts can be set up to notify you if your storage temperatures go above or below your set standards.

Never lose your records.
With the local memory, temperature recording will keep running during a trip, power or Internet outage of up to 19 days at 5-minute logging intervals. (Notifications will be disabled in case of power or internet outage)

Unlimited storage of logged temperature data on cloud (can be deleted any time)
Temperature logging and notification with 0.02°C resolution temperature sensor (+/-0.4°C error)
Logging interval programmable from 15 seconds to 4 hours