How Food Safe System is helping the Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny

The Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland

During a major refit of the hotel, the Pembroke Hotel decided that it was a good time to look at taking all of its operations paperless, including the kitchen. 

The hotel had put itself at the forefront of the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer comfort and staff efficiency.

The kitchen team pointed to the procedural bottlenecks they encountered and in particular the increasing amount of time necessary to complete and document food safety-related checks.

After evaluating a number of options the hotel’s Head Chef and General Manager decided Food Safe System was the system best suited to the hotel’s needs.

Food Safe System was installed on the central kitchen laptop for the use of the head chef to overview and manage the HACCP records and utilised by the kitchen staff on their existing Android tablet,  through which they complete their daily, weekly and monthly checks, with each entry time-stamped, dated and assigned,  ensuring data integrity and the highest level of compliance.

Wireless temperature sensors were deployed within each of the kitchens 10 cooling units so all temperatures are monitored 24/7 and the hotel is protected against food loss.

Overall the implementation of Food Safe System has been regarded as a success,  with the cost of the system already covered many times over when an overnight electrical system error switched off the hotel’s walk-in coolers, Food Safe System sensor alerts notified staff of out-of-range temperature readings, enabling them to identify the issue quickly and prevent any loss of food.

“Since we’ve started using the Food Safe System in the Pembroke Hotel it has freed up a lot of my own time.

The automatic temperature check in our fridges and freezers has made a massive impact on my working day, and the temperature alerts to my phone, when fridges or freezers are running high, has helped prevent loss of stock on more than one occasion.

The system itself is very user friendly, self-explanatory and has helped further build a good working relationship with our health authority, the ability to have all records available at a touch has made their job and mine much easier.

Neil’s team has always been very quick to respond to any issues or problems we have had, and the personalisation of the system to our business has been great.

Overall I would highly recommend Food Safe System for any foodservice location”

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