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Reopening checklist for food businesses during COVID-19

A checklist to support food businesses to reopen safely during COVID-19 after a period of inaction. Planning and preparation for start-up Site checks Equipment checks Ingredient and product checks Social distancing measures Reopening your food business after a period of closure will require some extra checks alongside your ‘normal’ daily opening checks. These will help to make sure that your business can restart safely. You will need to maintain your basic hygiene standards and recognise the areas where greater attention will be required. A [...]

The Restaurant Industry and New Apprenticeships.

It probably won't have escaped your attention that the restaurant industry is struggling, particularly when it comes to attracting and keeping staff, a situation that doesn't look likely to improve after Brexit. To address this issue of late, there has been a trend for individual restaurants and hotels to launch their own apprenticeship schemes, to encourage young, or otherwise, people with no qualifications or experience to gain both through full time jobs with perhaps one day a week in a local college. [...]

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Northern Ireland Easter licensing hours 2018

Northern Ireland Easter licensing hours 2018 Over Easter, the times during which alcohol may be sold on licensed premises in Northern Ireland is slightly different to the rest of the year. The Republic of Ireland also has legislation which restricts Easter opening hours, but England, Scotland and Wales do not. In Scotland, as well as England and Wales, premises may in theory open for 24 hours.  On-sale premises determine their normal opening hours in their [...]

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